So Why GEt a Photo Booth?

IT’s FUN!!

It’s load of fun!!! Pretty much any guest that has had the opportunity to try out our Photo Booth has raved about the added value it gives to the event! The guest are full of laughs and it makes the people attending even more relaxed and happy after striking a pose at the booth.

Additional Photos!

In addition to your photography photos, you’ll receive a gallery of photos from all your guest joining in the photo booth fun! You can see what they were up to while you were occupied!

do it for the gram

With Social Media driving the headline on how many millennials and non millennials communicate nowadays. you can now have insta worthy photos to post to any of your social media platforms and show evidence of your most recent venture.

festive Favors

Opt in for printing with your booth and you’ll get instant party favors that your guest will actually want to keep!

Keeps guest occupied

If you’ve ever attended a long event, then you know there is alot of down time with waiting around for the next part to happen. You instantly become a people watcher. Or if there is a dance, chances are you’re either dancing or watching people dancing. The booth will help keep the stale moments lively and keep everyone engaged in your event.